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Antibiotic, Anti-infective

Active Ingredients:

Penicillin V

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Product Information

General Information:
AdvaCare is a GMP manufacturer of Penicillin V Potassium tablets.

Penicillin V potassium tablets, or phenoxymethylpenicillin, is a group of antibiotics derived from Penicillium fungi. Penicillin V potassium works by interfering with the formation of the bacteria’s cell wall while it is growing, weakening the wall and killing the bacteria.

Penicillin V potassium is an antibiotic used to treat certain infections caused by bacteria such as pneumonia, scarlet fever, and ear, skin, and throat infections. Penicillin V potassium is also used to prevent recurrent rheumatic fever and chorea.

Side Effects:
As with all pharmaceuticals, some unwanted effects can occur from the use of penicillin V potassium. Always consult a doctor or health care professional for medical advice before use. Common side effects include, but may not be limited to: vaginal itching, sore mouth, mild diarrhea, and headache. Seek medical attention if the following develop: fast or irregular breathing, fever, joint pain, lightheadedness, skin rash, shortness of breath, stomach cramps, abdominal tenderness, confusion, anxiety, agitation, yellow eyes or skin, unusual bleeding, sore throat with fever, watery and severe diarrhea, a decreased amount of urine, and mental depression.

For a comprehensive list of all possible effects, consult your doctor.

If any symptom persists or gets worse, or you notice any other symptom, then please call your doctor immediately.

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Additional Information

Always consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking penicillin V potassium.

If your condition does not improve or becomes worse, then call your doctor.

Driving or operating machinery is okay, as there is no evidence found relating with this issue.

Do NOT use penicillin V potassium if:

  • You are allergic to any ingredient in penicillin V potassium;
  • You are taking a tetracycline antibiotic.

There is little evidence with regards to the use of penicillin V potassium during pregnancy or breast feeding, so consult your doctor or health care professional before taking penicillin V potassium.

Refer to your doctor or pharmacist for guidelines on dosage. Do not exceed what they advise.

Consult with your doctor about any medications you are taking, before your treatment penicillin V potassium.

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