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Product Information

General Information:
AdvaCare is a GMP manufacturer of Hydrocortisone injection.

Hydrocortisone injections belong to a type of medication known as a corticosteroid. Corticosteroid medications are man-made derivatives of the natural hormones corticosteroids. The hormones are produced by the adrenal glands which have many important functions in the body (for ex. anti-inflammatory responses).

Hydrocortisone injections work by acting in cells to prevent the release of chemicals that are normally involved in producing immune and allergic responses.

During the inflammation response period, by decreasing the release of these chemicals in a particular area, inflammation is reduced. This medication is indicated to relieve inflammation (swelling, heat, redness, and pain). It can usually be used to treat joint inflammation, inflamed tendon sheaths, and inflamed bursae.

Side Effects:
As with all pharmaceuticals, some unwanted effects can occur from the use of hydrocortisone injection. Always consult a doctor or health care professional for medical advice before use.

Common side effects include, but may not be limited to headaches, dizziness, slowed healing of cuts and bruises, acne, trouble sleeping, increased sweating, unusual hair growth on your face or body, upset stomach, weight loss, depression, feeling irritable, muscle weakness, fainting, sore throat, etc.

For a comprehensive list of all possible effects, consult your doctor.

If any symptom persists or gets worse, or you notice any other symptom, please call your doctor immediately.

Additional Information

Always consult your doctor or pharmacist before having hydrocortisone injection.

If your condition does not improve or becomes worse, then call your doctor.

Driving or operating machinery should be avoided until you know your reaction to hydrocortisone injection.

Do NOT use hydrocortisone injection if:

  • You are allergic to any of the ingredients.

There is little evidence with regards to the use of hydrocortisone injection during pregnancy or breast feeding, so consult your doctor or health care professional before taking hydrocortisone injection.
Your doctor will determine a dosage that’s right for you based on your individual needs. Your general health may affect your dosage. Tell your doctor about all health conditions you have before your healthcare provider administers the drug to you.
Hydrocortisone injection can interact with other medications, herbs, or vitamins you might be taking. An interaction is when a substance changes the way a drug works. This can be harmful or prevent the drug from working well. Your healthcare provider will look out for interactions with your current medications. Always be sure to tell your doctor about all medications, herbs, or vitamins you’re taking. Consult with your doctor about any medications you are taking, before your treatment with hydrocortisone injection.

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