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Tetanus Treatment

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Tetanus Antitoxin

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Product Information

General Information:
AdvaCare is a GMP manufacturer of Tetanus Antitoxin injection.

Tetanus antitoxin injections are indicated to provide temporary passive immunity in the prevention and treatment against C.

Tetanus, also called, is a medical condition characterized by a prolonged contraction of skeletal muscle fibers.

Side Effects:
As with all pharmaceuticals, some unwanted effects can occur from the use of tetanus antitoxin injection. Always consult a doctor or health care professional for medical advice before use.

Common side effects include, but may not be limited to pain, swelling, or soreness at the injection site, mild fever, joint pain, muscle aches, nausea, and tiredness. Seek medical attention if the following develop: symptoms of an allergic reaction such as difficulty in breathing or swallowing, hives, itching, reddening of the skin, swelling of eyes, face or inside of nose, unusual tiredness or weakness. For a comprehensive list of all possible effects, consult your doctor.

If any symptom persists or gets worse, or you notice any other symptom, then please call your doctor immediately.

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Additional Information

Always consult your doctor or pharmacist before having tetanus antitoxin injection.

If your condition does not improve or becomes worse, then call your doctor.

Do NOT use tetanus antitoxin injection if:

  • You are allergic to it.

Use of tetanus antitoxin injection during pregnancy or breast feeding is (insert relevant information). Consult your doctor or health care professional before having tetanus antitoxin injection.
Tetanus antitoxin should not be used in the routine treatment of traumatic wounds. If the wound is extensive, with a high risk of tetanus infection, antitoxin, (preferably the human immunoglobulin) may be injected intramuscularly at the earliest possible moment after infliction of the injury. If equine antitoxin is used, the dose is usually from 1500 to 6000 units.
This preparation of tetanus antitoxin injection should not be used if human antitetanus immunoglobulin injection is available. Should be used with great caution if patient is subject to allergic disease such as asthma or infantile eczema, or was allergic to any previous antiserum injection.
Tetanus antitoxin injection may interact with medications such as, blood thinners, corticosteroids, cancer chemotherapy, drugs that weaken the immune system, other recent vaccinations. Consult with your doctor about any medications you are taking, before your treatment with tetanus antitoxin injection.

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