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Chlorphenamine Maleate

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Product Information

General Information:
AdvaCare is a GMP manufacturer of Chlorphenamine Maleate injections.

Chlorphenamine maleate injections (chlorpheniramine) are used to treat severe allergic reactions, especially anaphylactic reactions. This drug works by blocking the effects of histamine during an allergic reaction. It can be given subcutaneously, intramuscularly, or intravenously. To treat anaphylactic reactions, the drug is injected intravenously for rapid treatment. Every 1 mL of injection contains 10 mg of chlorphenamine.

Side Effects:
As with all pharmaceuticals, some unwanted effects can occur from the use of chlorpheniramine. Always consult a doctor or health care professional for medical advice before use.

Common side effects include, but may not be limited to sedation, nausea, drowsiness, thirst, constipation, headache, blurry vision, psychomotor impairment, and hypotension. The most common side effect is dry mouth because chlorpheniramine possibly can dry up and thicken mucus in lungs, which might lead people to breathe difficultly. So to relieve dry mouth, chewing (sugarless) gum, sucking on (sugarless) candy, or drinking water enough will help for its minor side-effect. Seek medical attention if the following develop: convulsions, abnormal heartbeat, allergic reactions, itching, hives, mood changes, tremor, severe weakness, trouble breathing, or any serious side effects.

For a comprehensive list of all possible effects, consult your doctor.

If any symptom persists or gets worse, or you notice any other symptom, then please call your doctor immediately.

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Additional Information

Always consult your doctor or pharmacist before injecting chlorphenamine.

If your condition does not improve or becomes worse, then call your doctor.

Driving or operating machinery should be avoided, as it causes sedation, drowsiness, and psychomotor impairment. Do not drive until you understand how this drug works on you.

Do NOT use chlorphenamine maleate injections for:

  • Children less than 1 year old;
  • Patients in a pre-coma state;
  • Patients allergic to chlorphenamine;
  • Patients who are hypersensitive to antihistamines;
  • Patients that have taken a monoamine oxidase inhibitor within the last 2 weeks.

There is inadequate evidence with regards to the use of chlorphenamine during pregnancy or breast feeding, so consult your doctor or health care professional before taking chlorphenamine.
Refer to your doctor or pharmacist for guidelines on dosage. Do not exceed what they advise. Usual dose for adults is: 10mg. Usual does for children is: 0.20mg/kg. It should administered slowly by intravenous injection.
Tell your physician if you have any conditions or any medications you are currently taking. There are possible negative interactions with patients with hypertension, epilepsy, glaucoma, cardiovascular disease, asthma, hypertrophy, and hepatic disease. The use of alcohol, anxiolytics, and hypnotics can potentiate the effect of drowsiness. Phenytoin, atropine, and psychotropic drugs should be used with caution because they can also increase effects. Consult with your doctor about any medications you are taking before your treatment with chlorphenamine.

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