*AccuPoint™ Insulin Syringes are CE, ISO, USFDA certified.

**AccuPoint™ Insulin Syringes are manufactured in our facilities located in China, India and USA.

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Product Information

AdvaCare is a CE, ISO and USFDA manufacturer of Insulin Syringes.

Insulin Syringes are manufactured to offer a reliable solution for insulin injection; they are specifically designed for self-injection.

AdvaCare insulin syringes are manufactured with high-quality materials including medical grade polypropylene for the barrel and plunger, and a perfectly fitted rubber plunger tip/piston for a reliable seal (medical grade silicone oil lubricant).

They are sterile, non-toxic, and non-pyrogenic. Their short needles fit the needs of subcutaneous insulin injections and they also have finer gauges to reduce the pain that patients feel while injecting.

The ink marks on the barrel of the syringe help patients get a precise measurement of their dosages. We manufacture three different capacities of syringes, with or without needles and all ISO, CE and USFDA approved.

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