*StayGuard™ Gauze Bandages are CE, ISO, USFDA certified.

**StayGuard™ Gauze Bandages are manufactured in our facilities located in China, India and USA.

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2.5cm (GZD-01);5cm (GZD-02);7.5cm (GZD-03);10cm (GZD-04);15cm (GZD-05);20cm (GZD-06)




12 x 8;15 x 11;19 x 9;19 x 15;20 x 12;24 x 20;26 x 18;28 x 16;28 x 24




1 ply

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Product Information

AdvaCare is a CE, ISO and USFDA manufacturer of Gauze Bandages.

Gauze bandages are a medical dressing made out of cotton for protecting any wound, though it can also be used for a wide range of other bandage applications, such as holding the dressing of an injury in place, or protecting and keeping a wound clean.

Whereas other materials can adhere to and burn the raw wound, gauze bandages can be applied directly to the wound and so are often used to dress minor injuries.

Highly absorbent yarns ensure the pads can be used to absorb blood and other secretions.

This medicament is very useful for the parts of the body that are hard to reach and difficult to dress in addition to injuries for which an adhesive bandage is not enough.

AdvaCare gauze bandages are supplied worldwide in a wide range of sizes and lengths in order to suit all possible applications.

This product line is manufactured with ISO, CE and USFDA approved certifications.

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