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The Art of Removing Disposable Gloves

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It is vital for protecting the body from micro-organisms and chemicals. However, contaminants can still absorb through the skin and harm the body. Thus, it is important to protect the skin by wearing gloves when working with pathogens, chemicals, and contaminants. For medical professionals, wearing gloves is absolutely necessary as it protects both patients and heath care workers from spreading germs or infections.

Below are detailed steps in properly using and disposing of gloves, as well as important rules to follow when doing so to ensure the greatest protection using gloves.

Cross contamination can be caused when contaminants on the outside of the glove get inside the glove onto the skin. To avoid this, follow the steps and refer to the image to remove of disposable gloves safely:

1. Using one hand, pinch the outside of the glove on the other hand next to the wrist

2. Peel the glove downwards away from the wrist so that the glove turns inside out

3. Pull the glove until it is off and you are holding the inside-out glove with the other hand

4. Slide the ungloved fingers under the wrist of the other glove, making sure not to touch the outside of the glove with the ungloved hand

5. Peel the glove downwards away from the wrist so that the glove turns inside out

6. Ensure the gloves are inside out and one is inside the other with no cross contamination whatsoever caused in the process

Other factors to keep in mind when using disposable gloves include the following Do’s and Don’ts:


• Ensure the gloves provide suitable protection for its use. For example, vinyl gloves are suitable for handling food, but nitrile or latex should be used for medical and surgical purposes.

• Ensure hands are both clean and dry before putting the gloves on

• Wear the correct size, refer to sizing charts and try on different gloves

• Change the gloves if they are torn or very dirty

• Remove excess liquid from the gloves before taking them off

• Dispose of used gloves appropriately, following company procedures


• Touch other surfaces, such as keyboards and door handles when wearing contaminated gloves

• Touch your face when wearing contaminated gloves; no scratching your nose

• Touch the outside of the glove with ungloved hands

• Reuse disposable gloves after they have been removed

Keep all of these factors and steps in mind when using disposable gloves to ensure you are fully protected from the pathogens and chemicals you are working with!

AdvaCare’s Product

Check out AdvaCare’s disposable gloves by following the links below:

AdvaCare's Examination Gloves

AdvaCare offers examination gloves made of latex, nitrile, vinyl, and stretch vinyl that offers protection and strength. The latex gloves are elastic, durable, and eco-friendly. Nitrile gloves are made of a high-quality synthetic polymer that is anti-allergy and irritation-free. Vinyl gloves are an economical and latex-free option. Stretch vinyl gloves offer a better fit and comfortable experience. The features include powder/powder-free option, anti-static, anti-sweat, ambidextrous, a variety of size, smooth/micro-rough surface, normal/thick thickness.

AdvaCare's Surgical Gloves

AdvaCare offers surgical gloves to be used during medical operations. They are made from high-quality natural latex and Nitrile (synthetic polymer). They have the high elasticity to prevent punctures or tears and ensure protection. They are irritation free and comfortable. They include different specifications such as smooth/micro-rough surface, anti-static, anti-sweat, and powder/powder-free options. They are offered in many different sizes and thicknesses.

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Written by Jennifer Zhang

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