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Why You Need to Know Your Hemoglobin Level

What is hemoglobin?

Hemoglobin is the protein molecule inside red blood cells with the function of carrying oxygen to body tissues and returning carbon dioxide from the body tissues to the lungs. It also provides cells with the energy to function. Thus, abnormal hemoglobin can disrupt the red blood cell shape and impede the function and flow of the red blood cells.

What is a normal hemoglobin level?

A healthy hemoglobin amount differs by age. For newborns, the normal hemoglobin level is 17-22 gm/dL, for children is 11-13 gm/dL, adult males is 14-18 gm/dL, adult females is 12-16 gm/dL, senior males is 12.4-14.9 gm/dL, and senior females is 11.7-13.9 gm/dL.

What does low hemoglobin mean?

A low hemoglobin level is typically only slightly lower than the average level. However, very low hemoglobin levels may indicate Anemia.

Low hemoglobin is caused by factors such as:

• Blood loss (ex. From surgery or an accident)

• Nutritional deficiency

• Bone marrow problems including from radiation

• Kidney problems

• The body destroying more red blood cells than it is producing

A low hemoglobin level may lead to extreme fatigue, bruising, fainting, and in severe cases, blood clotting and heart problems.

What does high hemoglobin mean?

A high hemoglobin count is uncommon and very high hemoglobin levels may indicate Polycythemia.

High hemoglobin is typically caused by such factors as:

• Taking drugs or hormones that stimulate red blood cell productions

• Smoking, lung disease, tumors

• A limited oxygen supply caused by living at high altitudes

• Bone marrow disorder

• Note that dehydration may produce a false measurement of high hemoglobin

High hemoglobin can cause disease related to lungs and heart, and in extreme cases, it could be the reason for heart failure and cancer.

Improve Your Hemoglobin Level

There are several methods of improving a low hemoglobin level. You should inrease your intake of iron rich foods such as eggs, spinach, and artichokes, and pair the intake of iron-rich foods with foods rich in cofactors and vitamin C foods to better absorb the iron; these foods include oranges, vegetables, fish, and nuts. If hemoglobin levels do not improve from food, consider taking iron supplements. There are other methods where doctor advice is strictly advised. These methods include transfusing red blood cells and receiving hormones that stimulate or restrict red blood cell production.

Make an appointment with a doctor and test your hemoglobin level if you suspect an abnormal hemoglobin level to avoid any consequences of a prolonged irregular hemoglobin level.

Check out AdvaCare’s products below:

AdvaCare Products

AdvaCare offers hemoglobin systems to measure hemoglobin levels quickly. We offer two types: (1) A standard monitor and kit with a response time of 15 seconds and measuring a range of 4.5-25.6 g/cL and memory of 300 results and battery life of approximately 1,000 tests using a 3AAA battery. Packaging comes with 1 device, 1 manual and 1 lancet pen. (2) Test strips using 10UI of blood that comes in 25 pieces/bottle or 50 pieces/bottle. Packaging comes in 25 test strips per kit.

Contact AdvaCare to receive our new catalog of supplements, including iron supplements. We offer iron supplements in capsule form with the dosage 4.65mg.

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Written by Jennifer Zhang

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