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How the itchiness of mosquito bite links to spread viruses like yellow fever and Zika

Many of us hate mosquito mainly because mosquitoes make us scratching the site they sneakily tasted our blood all over the body and left. Sometimes we forget what we were doing in middle of doing something because of its itchiness. That's it; we don’t cry and don’t worry about ourselves after seeing those traces of mosquito on our body. We just get annoyed after seeing those bumps on our body. However, mosquito bites are actually very dangerous in term of virus infections, which might potentially lead us into serious troubles. According a researcher at University of Leeds, Clive Mckimmie says “Inflammation caused by mosquito bites helps viruses to establish a successful infection” Both itchiness and inflammation caused by mosquitoes actually increase the risk of severe virus infection all over the world every year more than people would actually imagine.

The bumps from mosquito bites can be a key player that viruses is able to spread successively on our body in fast pace and potentially, which can cause a great number of casualty. The inflammation and itchiness that accompany mosquito bites both help the virus spread around the body and increase the odds that the virus causes sickness.

Zika virus, which covered all of Newspaper headline for awhile and putted people into fear for recent years, could’ve dramatically transmitted to one and other in many regions because of mosquito activity. Meanwhile Zika virus has been heavily linked to microcephaly—a condition where infants are born with underdeveloped brains and abnormally small head, but rarely causes death directly.

Another mosquito-borne virus has taken hold in Africa: yellow fever. The recent yellow fever outbreak in Angola and in Congo could turn into a global crisis. In term of its severity, Yellow fever is far more deadly than Zika Virus; after a brief remission of hours to a day, roughly 15% of yellow fever cases progress to develop a more severe form of the disease characterized by high fever, jaundice, bleeding, and eventually shock and failure of multiple organs. Among those who develop severe symptoms, 20 to 50% may die. The conclusion is yellow fever has notorious severity to human and also can be carried by mosquito transmitting the disease from one place to other places extremely quickly.

Why is the current outbreak worrisome?
WHO recently announced that yellow fever outbreaks in Africa are largely located in prominent cities, and that spread to other parts of the countries or bordering countries “remains a serious concern.” There’s also an arising concern that this virus could spread to countries that historically have been at a low risk for virus infections, which infer many residents from those countries may not be vaccinated yet. The concern might lead consequently the global supply of yellow fever vaccines experiencing shortages.

Is there any treatment?
There’s no specific treatment for yellow fever. Currently people who are infected will be given supportive care for their symptoms, like rest and fluids. People with the disease should avoid medication like aspirin which can increase the risk of bleeding. However there are vaccines available for yellow fever.

How does a person get yellow fever?
Aedes aegypti also called as Yellow fever mosquito can spread yellow fever as well as Zika Virus. The distribution of this mosquitoes has increased in the past two to three decades worldwide, and actually is considered as one of the most widespread mosquito species.
It’s important for everyone to maintain good mosquito control, especially for travelers. To prevent mosquito, people are recommend;

1. Wear mosquito repellent.

2. Wear loose, long-sleeved shirts and long pants when going outside.

3. Sleep with a mosquito net over the bed.

4. Avoid areas surrounded with standing water.

5. Most importantly be careful when going parts of world where mosquitoes are common.

Although Zika virus and yellow fever were only introduced above as threats caused by mosquitoes, mosquitoes are the main key player to transmit not only Zika Virus and yellow fever, but also Malaria and many other transmitting severe viruses. By detecting virus infection symptoms with test kits in the early stage, early treatment can be used to both prevent unwanted causality and minimize the danger of being sick from severe diseases.

At AdvaCare Pharma we are eager to assist those in need with our line of test kits and anti-malarial medications that are CE certified and produced according to ISO standards. We are certain our products will be effective and we hope to supply hospitals and pharmacies in high risk areas. Together we can help end several epidemic.

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