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Adult Diaper

Adult Diaper
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  • Product Information
    Adult Diapers are used to provide leakage control to support patients with various conditions such as urinary or fecal incontinence, dementia, severe diarrhea, and motility impairment. 

    Our diapers effectively wick wetness from the skin within seconds while also neutralizing the pH so that the skin is not exposed to an unhealthy pH of the waste. 

    For convenient removal, the waistband has a frontal adhesive tape and side tape that can be quickly and easily torn away. The elastic around the waist and leg openings allows the diaper to be held gently but securely without any binding and provides maximum leakage. 

    Manufactured with high quality fibers and breathable polyethylene film, our products guarantee high absorbency standards. The cloth-like material fits easily under clothing and allows for breathable zones. 

    With a wetness indicator to show when the diaper is soiled in addition to these comfort and convenient factors, AdvaCare adult diapers have a far superior design and protection and are widely used for urine and fecal collection in hospitals, nursing homes and for personal care. 

    AdvaCare is a GMP, ISO, CE and USFDA certified adult diaper supplier.

    Adult Diaper features:
    - PE backsheet for anti-leakage control
    - Elastic design at the waist and around the legs 
    - Frontal adhesive tape and side tape
    - High quality fluff pulp & SAP
    - Breathable PE film & highly absorbent polymer
    - High absorbency (hydrophilic) or economy (hydrophobic)
    - With or without wet indicator strip
    - With or without bag handle
    - Size: small (800x600mm), medium standard (800x650mm), medium wide (800x700mm), large standard (900x750mm), large wide (900x800mm), large long (980x750mm), x-large standard (980x800mm), x-large wide (980x840mm)
    * or according to the customer`s exact specifications

  • Product Packaging
    - 10 pieces/poly bag
    - 20 pieces/poly bag
    - 30 pieces/poly bag
    * or according to the customer`s packaging requirements

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If you are a distributor, please inquire with us about product registration, importing and/or marketing our products in your country or region. If you are a consumer, don't hesitate to contact us about more information for this product.

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  • Europe: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia.

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